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A thought came to me one day that said, "Don't mop your dirty floors with your most expensive perfume." This analogy simply means don't be a WASTE or don't WASTE something as valuable as TIME. TIME is a gift given to us by God. It was created for us to fulfill our God-given mandates and purposes. It waits on no one. Don't waste or destroy the gift that your Heavenly Father gave to you by partaking in matters, relationships, conversations, thoughts, careers, or events that do not REDEEM the TIME that God gave to you. Someone asked me, "How have YOU MANAGED TO ACCOMPLISH SO MUCH AT YOUR YOUNG AGE." I did not know how to answer until the Spirit reminded me of a lesson my mother taught me years ago. She taught me to REDEEM THE TIME. (EPH 5:15-16). She also taught me to maximize the opportunities that life brings your way. Max out every level that God thrusts you into. Some people in life settle for just enough when God is a God of abundance. He wants us to always have a SURPLUS++. There are those who are too afraid to take the challenge of progress. So they find comfort in sitting back and attacking the people who have discovered their purpose and walk in success. There are people who believe that when God speaks a thing, it immediately comes to pass. But the word only works if you WORK. There is value in the prophetic but the prophetic is more valuable when it is walked out and lived out. LAZY PEOPLE sit back and expect someone to give them an offering, a word, a business opportunity or a special declaration to make a word come to pass. But the conquers seek God for strategies to WORK the WORD themselves. They receive the prophetic word and they start making the necessary adjustments in their life for the word to come to pass. For example, I received many prophetic words that God would make me wealthy, prosperous, and a multi-millionaire. I did not just get excited and fall out on the floor or wait around being thirsty for the next word. I started working on the word I received. I started preparing myself by going to college, grad school, and post-grad school. I sowed seeds when people were afraid to give money. I took courses in grant writing, business development, and learned the principles of economic growth. I made wise choices in the men I dated because I knew the word of God that was spoken over my life. I worked jobs that even though they stressed me out, I stayed there because God was teaching me how to run a business. I did not get myself entangled with certain relationships, friendships, or events that did not promote my purpose. I did not settle for the "just enough to get by." God put in me a SPIRIT of PROGRESS and a VALUE of TIME. TODAY the WORD of the LORD has come to pass. At the age of 28, God fulfilled in me what it took many people a lifetime to obtain. Why because I understood the VALUE of TIME and the PROPHETIC. I understand how time and the prophetic complement each other.

WORK YOUR WORD (gifts, talents, and abilities) and stop wasting the gift of TIME in activities, events, and relationships that do not add to your purpose in the earth!

Auntie Gigi

"Food and Drink for Thought"

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