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Pastor Gicele Wray-Lindley endearingly known to many as Auntie Gigi was born in the Republic of Panama. 

Gicele's family lived in one of Chicago’s under-served communities where violence, poverty, unemployment, and the lack of quality early childhood education was prevalent. Determined to take her experiences and passion for bettering the lives of at-risk children, Gicele established the Shining Star Youth and Community Services to provide early literacy support to children.​  Today this successful multi-center child care operation provides quality early learning to over 400 children and employment to over 100 people.


Gicele Wray-Lindley is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Early Childhood Education. She completed a Masters’ Degree in Human Services Administration and most recently completed a Masters in Non-Profit Management and Organizational Leadership. Pastor Gicele is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Education in Ethical Leadership.

Pastor Gicele is married to the love of her life Omar Lindley. God has tremendously blessed this couple to work together as a ministry team. The two have traveled extensively ministering the word of the Lord. God has allowed Pastor Gicele to travel with her husband Omar in recent years to minister in several Latin American countries including (Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, and Argentina). Gicele and Omar have also traveled and ministered in Brazil, the African Continent, and in several US states.


In 2017, God directed Gigi's parents (Bishop Esteban & Isabel Wray of Christ International Outreach Ministries) to pass on the pastoral baton to Omar and Gicele after 31 years of ministry.  Pastors Omar and Gigi after Divine instruction launched the Transformation Church International a bilingual ministry with a heart for community outreach and evangelism.

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 After working in ministry and the market place, Gicele noticed a gap in the following areas:

-Support services for aspiring Christian Entrepreneurs

-Coaching for young people to break generational curses of poverty 

-Financial education for the body of Christ

-Resources for real estate purchase and investments 

-Resources for Pastors and Leaders

-Assitance for Non-Profit organizations

-Scholarship Opportunities for Aspiring Community Leaders


This is when the concept of Auntie Gigi was birthed.  


Why an Auntie?

In the Caribbean and the African diaspora, the phrase "Auntie" is a term of love and endearment to represent someone who is looked up to for advice and direction. In the Caribbean, an Auntie is not limited to a person of blood relation. Aunties have been regarded for generations as trusted and reliable sources of support and wisdom.  


Auntie Gigi provides support services, coaching, and mentorship to Aspiring Christian Entrepreneurs.  Her goal is to help the children of God walk in financial freedom and establish generational wealth.   Through educational programs, network opportunities, and training, Auntie Gigi aims at revealing Kingdom Principles for debt cancelation and poverty eradication.

Gicele and her husband Omar Lindley are the proud parents of two daughters Serenity Blessing and Heavenly Blessing.

Auntie Gigi's mission is to develop a generation of transformational leaders while bridging the gap between ministry and the marketplace.

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